JUICING : Is it more than just a TREND?

OUI JUICE is a Los Angeles-based juice delivery service that is dedicated to providing the highest quality ingredients for optimal health.

We all know that the popularity of drinking juice hit an all-time high in the past few years…and there’s a reason why! Juicing releases the power of the enzymes, micronutrients, and amino acids in fruits and veggies into a liquid form. The best thing about juice is that it is rapidly absorbed into your body when you drink it—you can literally feel the nutrients activating throughout your bloodstream. 

Potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron are just a few of the incredible micronutrients in fruits and vegetables that fight and prevent disease, amongst the many other health benefits juicing provides. On average, Americans only consume 5% of their calories from fruits and vegetables—not nearly enough! Here are some of the reasons why YOU need to start incorporating juice into your daily routine:

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU– Juicing allows you to provide specific prescriptions to your unique needs—whether it’s fighting disease, increasing your energy levels, strengthening immunity, achieving a glowing complexion, or just trying something new! Juice combinations can provide you with the nutrients you need from strengthening your nails to getting rid of daily headaches.

VOLUME– Juicing allows you to take in a large quantity of fruits and vegetables that you may not be able to eat in their raw form because of personal preferences or time constraints while giving your digestive system some time to rest. The power of juicing fruits and vegetables is loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause cellular damage. Juicing saves you time while you’re getting in a ton of rich nutrients!

DETOX– Juicing is known to rid your body of toxins by cleansing your digestive tract and colon, allowing your metabolism to become more efficient. This is why juice cleanses have become so popular! Juice is often sold to promote health as well as weight loss. I believe that incorporating juice into your diet as much as you can is the key to a well balanced lifestyle!

CHLOROPHYLL– Found only in plants, this incredible green pigment helps deliver oxygen to your cells, giving you more ENERGY! 

          Not only is juice the ‘trendy’ beverage to consume, but it also has endless health benefits—it flushes out toxins in the body, slows the aging process, helps you gain mental clarity, and promotes a more restful sleep. Your friends and family might start asking you where that ‘glow’ is coming from after a few days of drinking juice!

          Although juice cleanses are a bit extreme for me, I truly believe that everyone should incorporate juice into their diet as much as you can! As you can see, the health (and beauty) benefits of juice will make you look and feel your absolute best! Some things to look out for when you buy juice–always make sure it is 100% pure, raw and unpasteurized to ensure that all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antimicrobial properties of the juice are still intact.

          Oui Juice was kind enough to send me these juices and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! As a lover of coconut water, “Coco Beware” tastes like paradise in a bottle. “Go Green” is perfect for anyone who is ‘scared’ of green juice–I promise, it tastes like fresh apples with a hint of celery! My personal favorite is the “Kale Metabolizer,” with its veggie-based ingredients, it gave me a boost of energy with a cayenne kick to it. So if you are ever in the LA area, I definitely recommend trying out some of these incredibly fresh juices!! *I was not paid to endorse this company*

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