Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl

Craving something sweet, filling, and good for you? This Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl is free of fat and processed sugars and I know you will absolutely LOVE it!! It is so delicious and easy to make…this recipe will take you under ten minutes and you only need a few ingredients!

What you will need for the base:

-2 medium frozen bananas

-1 medium ripe bananas

-1.5 cups of frozen mixed berries

Place your frozen bananas in a food processor or a high speed blender until you achieve a creamy, ice cream consistency:

Next, add your frozen berries and blend until it is smooth throughout:

Pour your base into a big bowl and top it with fresh fruit of your choice! I also added some hemp seeds and crushed almonds for a little crunch! Enjoy your guilt free, delectable Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl!!

Doesn’t this look ahhhhmazing?!

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